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Our trolling fishing reels are designed for line capacity, gears, and the ability to fight larger fish. Shop our trolling fishing reels today.
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Trolling Fishing Reels are very similar to that of bait casting reels but are usually designed in the traditional circle style and not the sleek bullet or ergonomic design of a baitcaster reel that would be used for bass fishing. The reason for the traditional design is line capacity, gears, and the ability to fight larger fish. Trolling fishing reels with line counters are an amazing tool to have. Fishing for Salmon and other fish that many people troll for can sometimes come down to finding that particular water temperature. That desired temperature or "thermocline" might be down twenty feet or might be down one hundred and fifty feet, having a line counter will let the angler know exactly what depth the fish are currently holding or schooling together in. Once the fish are located the lines can be reset and repeated over and over allowing for the angler to target the fish with precision.

Operation of trolling fishing reels is not as complicated as that of a baitcaster as its rarely going to be cast over a distance. Trolling fishing reels are also used for big game jigging and fishing in saltwater. Operating these trolling fishing reels is rather simple as the angler sets the desired depth or guesses the desired depth point and releases the line off the spool as the boat "trolls" or moves forward. As the boat moves forward the drag on the line from the water usually has enough tension and force to strip the line off quickly.

Once the lure or bait is behind the boat and reaches the desired depth, or on the top of the water depending on the fish. Simply close the spool by cranking the handle forward and pushing the spool button back out and therefore locking the gears. The next and probably most crucial part to the process of fishing with trolling fishing reels is to set the drag correctly.

Having the drag set perfectly will determine the success of a day out fishing before the angler can even get a chance to fight the fish. All too often people adjust their drags far too tight. Having to tight of drag can result in the lure being taken out of the fishes mouth by force or not allowing enough give to permit for a good hook set.

In order to run a drag test on trolling fishing reels simply turn on the drag alarm or "buzzer" so that you can hear what the reel is doing. To test for the perfect amount of drag on trolling fishing reels while the boat is trolling and moving forward is to continually loosen the drag until the sheer force of the water and the hook pulls the line off the reel causing the line clicker to slowly start clicking. Then very gently begin doing 1/8-1/4 turns on the "Star drag" until the clicking goes from "click,click,click" to "click.....click" then no clicks.

By listening to what the reel is telling you it's easy to have the perfect amount of drag set for any size fish or any species of fish. The movement of a boat forward is more than enough energy for a good hook set. So why would you want the fish to hit a lure with the drag maxed out providing no give which can result in instant snapping of the line or not even getting the hook into the fishes mouth? In short when It comes to drag settings less is by far more.

Trolling fishing reels can range in sizes from extremely small for pan-fish and other small fighters, to massive reels that can hold thousands upon thousands of yards of line for fishing for marlin, tuna, and shark. These trolling fishing reels can start as low as fifty dollars and have no problem exceeding the thousand dollar mark.