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Our spinning fishing reels are very versatile and range in size from ultra-light to heavy action. Shop our spinning fishing reels today.
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Spinning fishing reels are probably the most common around the world and are usually the second step for a youth angler or a beginner. Spinning fishing reels are very versatile and range in size from ultra-light to heavy action. For spinning fishing reels used in freshwater fishing these reel applications are commonly used for fishing smaller lures or live baits that are not typically going to be cast over and over again and are reeled in at a high rate of speed. The smaller lures use spinning fishing reels as the open bale design permits very light lures to be cast as the line can freely spool out without resistance letting anglers cover more area with lighter lures. Spinning fishing reels can be as small as ice fishing reels and as large as your forearm for those massive beasts that we all dream about.

Sensitivity is the best with spinning fishing reels therefore its very commonly used for fishing live baits and also fishing with jigs or small lures. Fishing for delicate smaller and sometimes the tastiest fish requires a delicate touch. One of the great advantages of fishing with spinning fishing reels is that you can actually use your finger as the first point of contact before the line hits the reel. This is a great advantage especially when fishing in a style known as "free spool".

"Free spool" fishing is typically done with a live bait or some sort of bait that is allowed to move freely and unrestricted. For example fishing with a live minnow is sometimes better done without a bobber or float and simply letting the bait swim freely and head to cover as would appear very natural and appetizing without raising alarm for predatory fish looking for a snack. This is also a very beneficial way to fish with frozen baits as they will hit under water currents in larger bodies of water and be carried into the path of waiting fish. Many sport fish and predatory fish will sit with their heads facing the current and let the current bring their next meal right to them as they move against and through the current effortlessly. In fact some days catching certain fish might only happen when traveling in one direction, but that's why they call it fishing and not "catching" if we knew what fish think it would be a lot easier.

The added benefit of the delicate sensitivity with these spinning fishing reels is that for fish that actually inhale their prey without just biting it are far more difficult to detect than a hard hitting strike like that of a Bass. In fact some fish like Walleye and Crappie would be far more difficult to detect on the other end of a bait casting reel. This is also due to the design of the rods that the reels are placed on.