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Our casting fishing reels are used for aggressive casting and fighting fish that put up a good battle. Shop our casting fishing reels today.
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Casting fishing reels are commonly used for aggressive casting and for fighting fish that put up a good battle before you land them. These casting fishing reels come in a variety of sizes and styles made to fit every unique fishing situation. Some casting fishing reels are small and sleek with gorgeous finishes and metal compositions that are made for ergonomics and curb appeal while some are traditional and round with large spools for line capacity.

When considering what casting fishing reels to purchase always be sure to keep in mind what lure and how heavy of line and lure you will be using. Not only will lure weight and line pound test effect this decision but the type of line that you will be using should also be taken into consideration. Monofilament takes up lots more space than braided line and its weight combined with the braided lines characteristics make it very different from traditional fishing lines

Most of us grew up watching the guys on the "B.A.S.S Master" tournaments and would notice that every single one of them only had casting fishing reels and a bunch to an excessive of them at that. Today the rules are changing as fishing techniques and styles continue to alter so does the equipment being used. Spinning reels are being used again more so, as anglers are using different methods, lines, and lures to target the same fish. This is also due to new line and reel technology permitting lighter grade tackle to catch bigger fish than previously before.

asting fishing reels can seem to range the most as far as cost and construction quality. Sometimes you are simply paying for the name down the side the reel. Yes, sometimes the casting fishing reels feel as good as they look, but sometimes it's just a pretty shell to look at then you fight a fish and the gears feel like they are loaded with sand or the drag is not responsive or sloppy.